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Do you have any items you’d like removed from your home, yard, or garage? If so, Green Guys Junk Removal Dunwoody GA 30338 offers residential and commercial services. We come to your home or business and take anything that no longer serves you. Garage sales can be strenuous, as they take time and effort, and when the day is over there’s no guarantee everything will be gone. Disposing of unwanted items on your own can also be tricky, as not everything will need to be taken to the same place for a proper disposal, and that can be time consuming and expensive. On the same note, large items that need to be removed can also be strenuous on the body, mind, and relationships of those we elect to help us.
Donating goods may sound like a good idea as well, but it can be a chore sorting and preparing everything for donation, not to mention taking it to your chosen charitable organization. Large items that are to be donated may not even be picked up if they’re not of a certain quality condition. In fact, anything that isn’t in as-good-as-new condition shouldn’t be donated.
For those who have a lot of unwanted items cluttering up their living space, a junk removal service may be just the thing you need. Our trained professionals will come to your home, remove any unwanted items you have (no matter how big they are), and dispose of them properly. It’s the easiest solution for clearing your space of the things you no longer use.

What We Offer

Are your friends referring to you as a “pack rat” or “hoarder”? If so, we just may have an easy solution for you. We provide Junk Removal Dunwoody GA 30038  services for a variety of products our clients typically have lying around their homes.

Affordable, Same Day Junk Removal Dunwwody GA 30338 Service

Our services are competitively priced, so you don’t have to spend a lot of money to have the peace of mind a clean and organized space can bring. We’d be happy to schedule a time to pick up your unwanted things, and we can even come get them today!

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…and much more!

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They literally took my junk and my tension away. Being a mother its always difficult to find a balance. Never thought this could be so easy. Thumbs up.

-Josie (Mother of Two)

Green Guys team were just awesome. Definitely Recommended. Very Professional & Skilled. Will use their service again.

-Alice (Wife)

First Class Service. Timely arrival and they offered me additional 10% discount for booking online. Overall Nice Experience with the team.

-Drew (Working Professional)


Green Guys Junk Removal Dunwoody GA 30338 is an Eco-Friendly Junk Removal, E-Waste Recycling & Property Preservation Company offering services in Dunwoody, GA that assists you to handle your entire home junk, commercial site-cleanup, office junk removal and the like. We provide comfortable service for the purpose of making our customers experience unmatched as far as proper waste and junk disposal are concerned.
PRICING- Minimum $95.00

Minimum charge $95.00











These prices are bases on our truck that is 16’x8’x6 in size.

Our Trucks are 30% Bigger Than Our Competitors so you get 30% more value!

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